Monday, August 2, 2010

Thoughts from the weekend

I spent my Saturday in nearby Texarkana shopping with wife.  I already knew that any chances of finding cards were somewhere between slim and none with no real card shops in town.  So off we went to the mall, etc.  Stopped by Books a Million to see if I could find something that I could not live without and saw something that shocked me.  I was looking for some reading material int he magazine area and I found a new Beckett, but below the Becketts (on the floor level) some clerk had put Playboys and other "special" editions of Playboys out.  That made me feel weird looking at the cover of Beckett to decide to pick it and glace through while be distracted by the cover of the Playboy.  I am sure that there is some sort of irony in that picture.

after finding nothing at BAM we went to Target.  In the card asle there was basically no new product.  Sure there were a couple of rack packs of A & G, but I passed them up.  NO newere blasters.  Bunch of loose packs.  I left there just purchasing some 9 pocket sheets.  I guess I should not get my hopes up for my next visit.

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