Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treat

I opened my mailbox this week to a surprise package from up the road in Arkansas. I could only be one thing, my Trick or Treat gift. Lets see what the master of randomness has in store.

Ty Cobb postcard thingy. Cobb looks like he is crying. Why are you crying Mr. Cobb? Is it because the Tigers choked away a pennant? What did you say? It is something else.

Oh my. Lofton is showing up everywhere.

Don Wert was the primary third baseman on a World Championship team. That makes him an ok player in my book, even though I am to young to have seen him play. No, A-Rod, I still don't like you.

Another Ty Cobb. League Leader from a long time ago. I really loved these cards when they first came out, and still like them today. I just don't think the idea of the Conlon Collection ever took hold.

Eric Munson was going to be the next great catcher of the Tigers. I don't remember what happened, but he did not do well when he made the big leagues. He did hang on for a couple of years (maybe played wiht the Astros?).

Gorkys Hernandez. Ohh, bright and shiny. Very shinny. Mesmorizing shinny.

Andrew Miller Stearling. Another shinny. I hope that Miller gets his delivery straightend out in AFL and ends up having a productive career.