Friday, April 17, 2009

The Beginning

For my first post I batted around many ideas. Do i talk about why I am doing this? Introduce myself? or something else? I plan to treat this blog as therapy for unwinding after a long day. Card collecting has been a hobby since I was 7, which seems like a long time ago. I spent many a summer in Michigan going to the local Ben Franklin, IGA, or Moore's store and pick up packs of cards when we went to town. That is how I got most of my cards. As I got older I discovered flea markets. Then when I got married I stopped, except for a Topps set. But on a whim in 2002 I stopped in a small card shop and bought 2 packs of Upper Deck Vintage (because they were cheap) and pulled this card in the second pack.

Needless to say I was hooked again. I decided to spring for a box and try and complete the set, which was something I had not done since 1991. I also started to look for card shows and find cards to complete those sets that I had been hauling around from house to house for all these many years.