Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Million Card Giveaway

I am late in posting this, but when the code redemtions went live I could not wait to redeem my one and only code. I got caught up in the excitement and just had to type in my code on day two of the "contest". What did I get for my troubles, well lets just say it was vintage junk:

I am in the process of trying to trade this thing for a Tiger card, hopefully I can work my way back to a card from the early to mid 70s that I don't have. But, nobody seems to want this guy, even though I remember him as a pretty good player.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mail Day

Yesterday was a huge mailday. I had a package from Sportlots, which allowed me to finish one set, come within a card on another, and a huge supply of Cain's disks. I will save those for the future.

I also received an envelope from Detroit. Last week I requested a fan pack. Expecting only a pocket schedule, they sent a small B & W photo of Verlander. The photo would make a great autograph piece. But, I was more than thrilled to receive a pocket sched. Last year Topps baseball cards were used as the photos for the schedule and this year's schedule photo(s) were also influenced by Topps.

This is the one they sent me.

This is the Topps Porcello for comparisons.

The design is very similar. For those that collect these things, I figure that there is a Verlander, Inge, and Miggy. I might just be able to pick another one up next time I am in Michigan.