Tuesday, July 28, 2009


You have got to love the weather around here. Earlier this year I was complianing because we have had to much rain. I could not mow my yard because part of it was under water. Then it got hot, real hot. Like multiple 100 degree days hot. Now it is raining again, and will rain all week. I have a beautiful view of main street from my office and I can hardly see anything because it is so dark outside (the office lights are reflecting off of the window).

Also, a memo to Dave Dombrowski. Please get another starting pitcher and a good bat for the lineup. I don't expect to win this year but it will help for next year.

I would complain about how bad players are, but then I remember that they are better than me and I would not be able to get a hit against high school pitching, let along major league pitching.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Card Show Time

Yesterday I went to a card show at a nearby convention center. I did not know there was a show there until Friday, but being a good boy I found time in my schedule to go on Saturday and try and help some people get rid of their cards. And I was happy that I did as there were bargains to be had.

First up are two cards that I needed to complete sets that I broke up years ago.

Back in 1990 when I was a poor newly married man I decided that it was a good idea to break up a couple of sets and sell the "high dollar" cards and get more cards, and gas, and go out with the wife to dinner. These sets are now complete, and at a fraction of what I originally sold them for.

Next, I got some commons that helped me work on older Tiger sets, and some of my early 80s Fleer and Donruss.

I could not resist taking Rocky home. He might hurt me if I don't treat him nice.

Last, there were a couple of guys there that were selling junk wax and junk sets. They were selling them cheap. I was able to pick up some 93 Stadium Club, 92 Ultra, and 93 Ultra for a really good price. I am going to have fun opening those packs, and will have some doubles to trade off when I get everything organized (probably sometime in September at the rate I am going).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am a Procrastinator

Well, I finally finished taking down my wall paper boarder (it only took 4 days) and painted the room on Friday. In the meantime I kinda forgot about this blog. Let's see what I missed after the All-Star game: Tigers offense still stinks (kinda like the Lions). Went to a minor league game in which the home team only scored 1 run for both games, which does not bode well for future Angel players.

Also, congrats on the perfect game Mr. Buhrle.

Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Game

I am taking a break from tearing off wallpaper. Guys, if you ever do this make sure you have plenty of patience. It is a very time consuming job.

The first ASG that I remember was 1977 and I was mad that the only Tiger to make it was Jason Thompson. I thought the Tigers were the best team in baseball (I was 7) and that they had gotten the shaft by only having one player selected. As I grew older and more cynicle I realized that the game was a popularity contest and that sometimes players would have to prove themselves over the course of a career to make the team, or be a hot rookie. I hope that I get to settle down and watch some of the game tomorrow night, but I don't know if I can handle the fox broadcast. I am still mad a two years ago when the game did not start til almost 8:00. Oh well, I guess that I am just a bitter old man.

Back to tearing down wallpaper.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I am a little late, but congrats to Brandon Inge on being named to the All-Star team. I will admit that he was not my favorite Tiger when he first came up (because he could not hit his weight). Funny how a move from catcher to third base can change things. He is a much better third basemen than he is catcher, and somehow he seems to hit better when he is not behind the plate.

Captured Fail

One of the things that I like about the early 90s “premium” brands is that each brand tried to be able to stand out. It seemed that each of the companies focused on a “look” for each of their sets, and they would feature good photos that usually would go well with the card front. Stadium Club was a brand that focused on its Kodak photography, Leaf was a brand that had a distinctive silver boarder on it’s cards that gave it a great look. In their second year Leaf stepped up the use of good photos on their cards.

Look at this photo and how it stands out. Look at the ivy covered walls, the sun playing havoc with the fielder’s eyes. See the ball that has already bounced off of the wall because Martinez lost it in the sun. Somehow I don’t think that Martinez would be happy to sign this card if someone sent it to him in the mail.