Sunday, July 26, 2009

Card Show Time

Yesterday I went to a card show at a nearby convention center. I did not know there was a show there until Friday, but being a good boy I found time in my schedule to go on Saturday and try and help some people get rid of their cards. And I was happy that I did as there were bargains to be had.

First up are two cards that I needed to complete sets that I broke up years ago.

Back in 1990 when I was a poor newly married man I decided that it was a good idea to break up a couple of sets and sell the "high dollar" cards and get more cards, and gas, and go out with the wife to dinner. These sets are now complete, and at a fraction of what I originally sold them for.

Next, I got some commons that helped me work on older Tiger sets, and some of my early 80s Fleer and Donruss.

I could not resist taking Rocky home. He might hurt me if I don't treat him nice.

Last, there were a couple of guys there that were selling junk wax and junk sets. They were selling them cheap. I was able to pick up some 93 Stadium Club, 92 Ultra, and 93 Ultra for a really good price. I am going to have fun opening those packs, and will have some doubles to trade off when I get everything organized (probably sometime in September at the rate I am going).

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