Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Game

I am taking a break from tearing off wallpaper. Guys, if you ever do this make sure you have plenty of patience. It is a very time consuming job.

The first ASG that I remember was 1977 and I was mad that the only Tiger to make it was Jason Thompson. I thought the Tigers were the best team in baseball (I was 7) and that they had gotten the shaft by only having one player selected. As I grew older and more cynicle I realized that the game was a popularity contest and that sometimes players would have to prove themselves over the course of a career to make the team, or be a hot rookie. I hope that I get to settle down and watch some of the game tomorrow night, but I don't know if I can handle the fox broadcast. I am still mad a two years ago when the game did not start til almost 8:00. Oh well, I guess that I am just a bitter old man.

Back to tearing down wallpaper.

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