Tuesday, July 28, 2009


You have got to love the weather around here. Earlier this year I was complianing because we have had to much rain. I could not mow my yard because part of it was under water. Then it got hot, real hot. Like multiple 100 degree days hot. Now it is raining again, and will rain all week. I have a beautiful view of main street from my office and I can hardly see anything because it is so dark outside (the office lights are reflecting off of the window).

Also, a memo to Dave Dombrowski. Please get another starting pitcher and a good bat for the lineup. I don't expect to win this year but it will help for next year.

I would complain about how bad players are, but then I remember that they are better than me and I would not be able to get a hit against high school pitching, let along major league pitching.

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