Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Cards

Recently I signed up for some random cards from Dave at Tribe Cards. I asked for random, and random is what I got. Here is a good sample of the bounty that I received.

Jim Turner. Super Bowl XII is the first one that I remember watching as a kid. It was also the first one to be held at night.

89 Score Biggio. Kid had a bright career at catcher, but the Astros moved him to 2nd base to save his knees and extend his career.

Tino rated rookie. Generally Donruss did a good job of selecting their Rated Rookies for the sets.
Kind of reminds me of the old time Broncos logo.

My very first UD X card. I don't like these cards either.


V-Mart jersey card. Saw the orange and thought it was from the game at Detroit. Oh well.
Magneto. I loved the x-men as a kid.
Hambone card. I like this card, but I think I will give it to our assistant pastor as he is a big Rangers (and Hamilton) fan.
Checklists. You can't tell what cards in a set that you need without a checklist.

Again, thanks for the cards Dave, they were great.

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