Friday, August 14, 2009

Football Time

The football season is almost ready to kick off. The Lions first pre-season game is tomorrow, and there seems to be some optimism in the air for the first time in ages. Changes were finally made to a team that somehow managed to go 0-16 last year, heck they also went 4-0 during the pre-season. Management seems to finally have some sense of direction, after many years. I mean, this is the franchise that drafted Andre Ware to run the Run and Shoot offense (when they had Barry Sanders already).

This card just screams "Epic Fail"!

My high school alma mater in Michigan begins play next Friday. They have traditionally stunk. In 2005 they made the High School Playoffs for the first time EVER. This is not a new school either as I was a member of the 100th graduation class over 20 years ago.

Our local college begins their season on 8/29 agianst DII power North Alabama. SAU has a new coach, so this is going to be a long season as the offense transitions from the flexbone offense to a variant of the spread. Oh, and the defense doesn't have many returnees either.

Michigan is next to start. I would like to just forget last year. First losing season in my lifetime.

I am also thinking about starting to get back into collecting Football cards again. I did when I was a kid and ended up giving them all to a friend as I just wanted to concentrate on Baseball. Do I regret it, not now. If I still had them back in the early 90s I would have just traded or sold all of the ones that I could have gotten good money for. I think that I am just going to concentrate on finding some Pro Set Football as I really liked the cards (I am a sucker for full bleed photos). Maybe I will hand collect another set (Philadelphia is tempting), if I can pull the trigger on a box (rack packs of 20 are 4.97 at Wal Mart, which makes them better values than a blaster).

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