Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strasburg lands on DL, again

The news today is that Strasburg is being placed on the DL again, with some talk of potential Tommy John surgery ESPN Link here one is made aware of how fragile pitchers are.  We could start a list of young phenoms who had their career shortened due to injury.  Guys like Brian Taylor, Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, The "4 Aces", the young group of Met pitchers, to start with.  Each of these people were hot commodities in the baseball cards around the time of their debut.  Each of them had some problems along the way and never lived up to their hype.  When it comes to pitchers one must remember the risk of injury is high and not everyone starts out as an ueber stud and stays on that path.  Tom Seaver, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddox come to mind as examples of pitchers that had success early and maintained it for most of their career (I know that Smoltz got hurt, but it was later on).  These are the exceptions and not the rule.  Heck, Nolan Ryan was full of potential before being traded to the Angels.


  1. Worst case scenario is Tommy John surgury. Is that such a bad things? Josh Johnson had it a couple of years ago and he's doing fine these days.

  2. That is not a bad thing. Johnson is a good example of someone who can come back from injury. I think Jim Palmer and Roger Clemens were both injured early in their career.

    Injuries happen, but this is more of an example of people going bonkers over the next big thing and then something out of the person's control happens to cause the value of the player's cards to fall.

    Older collectors remember getting burned by "investing" in Brien Taylor and Gregg Jefferies.