Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photoshop Disaster?

Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise in my mailbox.  Someone had sent me a gift as a way of saying "Thank You", and it was a wonderful gift.  I am now the proud owner of a DVD set of the Essential Games of the Detroit Tigers.  I saw this and started thinking about how great it will be to rewatch game 5 of the '84 World Series, or Maggs' homer against Oakland.  I am looking forward to the last game at Tiger Stadium as I have never seen the game before.

But upon close inspection of the DVD box I noticed something strange.  See if you can spot it.

This is not my scan, but it is the actual package (I promise).  Does anything look funny to you?  Look closely at the scoreboard and the photoshop that was done to the advertisements.  It did not look right to me, so today I did a google search for Tiger Stadium images and found a similar one to compare.

I found this image on a photography blog.  Note that the time period is similar based on the dirt path to the pitching mound, the retired numbers and the banners hanging in right field.  But all of the advertisements are gone. 

I wonder if A & E, who produced the video, did not have permission to use advertising logos.  I would have thought that photos from inside the stadium would have been part of mlb properties and could have been resued with permission.  The DVD covers for the post season games have photos of the game programs, accurately reproduced. 

I will file this under a disaster and a fail.

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