Saturday, August 14, 2010

Craft Show Finds

As many of us know in the summer it is festival season, especially in Arkansas.  The festivals are usually winding down by August, as it is to hot (it hit 104 yesterday).  Well, one of the local towns as an annual Watermelon festival around this time and me and the wife went last night.  After some good watermelon (they keep it refrigerated on site) we wandered around looking at the crafts.  There was a guy set up with cards at the craft fair.  I ended up buying some cards off of him, and paying to much.  It  has been a while since I went to a show and I needed my fix.  This is what I bought.

I found this beaut first off.  I had to bring this handsome man home.  After buying this I started talking with the vendor and he showed me his other box, the one with the rookies.  This is where I should have walked off, but I had to have my fix.

Sparky rookie, Post Norm Cash and Ron Guidry.  I am working on the 76 set and could not pass up a rookie of Sparky.

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