Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekly Update

Well, the Tigers are back to their old ways. They are leaving to many RISP. Good news is that guys are getting on base, bad news is that the batters are having a hard time knocking them in. The pitching staff is up and down, but maybe Verlander is beginning to turn things around after his solid start Satuday. I hate it that he gave up a run after they worked hard to tie it, but those are the breaks. After two close losses in LA maybe they can start to turn it around and split the series. After leavign LA they go to Texas for 3, and I will have the opportunity to watch on tv. Except I am helping with my sons prom this weekend. No TV = less stress for me.

Card collecting wise I finally finished my 79 set and am working on 77 and 80. With no card shops or shows around here I am resorting to sportlots. Made a huge purchase last week (only spent 20.00, but that was above my monthly limit) and was able to finish off 2 oddball sets, 2 main sets, and come within one card of finishing two others. One day I am going to break down and buy a couple of boxes of 93/94 Score and Fleer and work on finishing those sets.

The strange thing is, I can see me reaching one of my short term goals. That goal is finishing a Topps run of 77-current. I only lack 3 cards for pre 97 Topps, and I will have a nice run with the exception of 97 and 98. There are good prices on boxes for those two years at BBCE, so that may be a purchase in the near future. After I finish my Topps run I will work on Fleer and Donruss.

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