Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Tigers - First week observations

Detroit seems to be doing well to start the '10 season. But, they have opened against arguably the 2 worst teams in the division. The two wins in Kansas City were of the come from behind variety aginst a bad bullpen, and they won two of three against Cleveland in come from behind fashion. A win is a win, but the bats have to get going against good pitching if this team is going to contend. Here is a quick summary of what I liked about the first week of the season.


Willis and Bondo had good efforts in wins. Willis did not get the win, but he kept the team in the game with help from dp balls. He is the 5th starter, and I will take that type of performance from him based on the past two years. Speaking of the last two years, Bondo looked like the Bondo from early 2007 in his game Saturday against Cleveland. I worry about stamina with him as he has not pitched a full season in 3 years. Maybe by slotting him in the last spot in the rotation Leland can give him some extra rest.

Miggy and Maggs are hitting the ball well early. These two guys are carrying the team right now.

Jackson and Sizemore are doing ok.


Verlander's start. Watched part of the game Sunday and he just could not finish the hitters off in the first inning. He would get two strikes on the batter and could not put him away. The announcers said that he started slow last year and turned it around. Hope he can do the same this year.

Batting with RISP and less than two outs. Again, this is a recurring problem for the team. I complained about it in the early part of the decade and still complain about it now. Runner in scoring position and less than two outs, you have got be able to get him home.

Laird's slump. Throw Damon's in there too.

This team is going to have trouble against good pitchers. That much is clear. The hitters that are slumping will come around, but the team can't continue to come from behind most of the time.

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