Monday, April 12, 2010

Vintage Card of the Month

It has been a little while since I posted a VCTM, in fact I slacked off and missed last month. I will try and do better. This month's edition comes courtesy of parts unknown.

Yes, it looks like a regular ole Mike Roarke 1964 Topps card that was loved by some child. But upon closer inspection you will notice something odd. Can't see it, well lets flip the card over.

Ok. The back is black. All other 64 Topps are orange (I think) backed, and the rub off is not visible. What is this?

After years of being stumped I discovered what this was a couple of years ago. Really, I had just thought it was some type of variation of a 64 that I picked up at some card show many years ago. I had no reason not to think it was a variation, as the numbers matched up in the price guides. But something did not seem right so I did some google searching, and I discovered that this is a Venezuelan card. I had only heard of these cards and had never seen one before in person. After making a long journey from Central America he can find a home safe and sound with the rest of his buddies from the 64 Topps set.

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