Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Heritage Team

Lets see what I can make for a team:

2 Catchers - Joe Mauer and Brian McCann.
First Base - Adrian Gonzalez
Second Base - Howie Kendrick
Shortstop - Stephen Drew
Third Base - Scott Rolen
3 Outfielders - Nelson Cruz, Vernon Wells, Adam Jones
Corner Infielder - Aramis Ramirez
Middle Infielder - Troy Tulowitzki
1 Outfielder - B.J. Upton
1 Utility - Ryan Braun - I am using my alloted 1 SP
7 Pitchers - Joakim Soria, Dan Haren, Tim Hudson, Mark Buhrle, John Danks, Aaron Harang, James Shields

Not a bad team at all. A lot of power, but little in the way of speed. ONly 1 closer in the box, and only Haren and Shields are high strikeout pitchers.

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