Saturday, November 20, 2010

Found in Retail

Last night me and the wife went to Target in search of Christmas decorations to add to our tree.  We have a bigger tree this year and need more stuff.  When we were done in the Christmas area I wandered over to movies and magazines to look for gift ideas and my wife wandered off.  She comes back and tells me that there are 2 different Topps sets in the card area, one marked 59.99 and one marked 49.99 and that I should go look.  I wait and then go over as we finish.  Keep in mind that she knows I am wanting to order a set for Christmas (Dave and Adams have a set for 37.95).   Anyway, she shows me the cheaper set and shows me that it is on clearance for 34.95!!!!!!  Shoot yeah, I but that sucker in my cart. I am not into the "Target Exclusive" Ruth (or Mantle), but I could not pass up the deal.

I also bought a rack pack of Update.  I know I said that I would not buy these things, but I was in a buying mood.  The pack gave me a nice surprise.

No, that was not it.  I showed this for the airbrush/photoshop job by Topps.  I noticed something odd about the photo (the yellow on the bat on the uniform looks too bright) and then noticed something in the background.  Look at the right leg of the gentleman sitting in the white uniform.  Notice his stirrups?  That is the color pattern of the Cardinals.  That is a Cardinal home uniform.  Feliz is in a Cardinal away uniform.  You would think that Topps would have learned to pay attention to the background when doctoring the photos, they did in 1973.

I got a hit.  Not a Met fan, so if anyone is interested drop me a line and I will trade it for some Update doubles.


  1. what doubles were you looking for? i have cards to trade for it

  2. I just bought the one rack pack, so anything you offer will be accepted. Are you collecting any of the inserts?

  3. I love getting an auto or a relic out of retail. Feels like you beat the system.
    Nice pull.

  4. I've opened several packs of topps update, would love to trade for that card or any braves patches/autosbase cards you might have.

    Email me at
    my blog is: