Monday, November 15, 2010

1981 - Brewers

1981 Milwaukee Brewers

The 1980 Brewers were a team on the rise in the AL East.  They finished 3rd with 86 wins, and would go to post their first ever postseason appearance the next year.  This team was just two years away from making it's first, and only, World Series appearance.  The main componants of the 82 squad can be found in 80.  33 different players suited up for the Brewers (18 position players and 15 pitchers).  Lets see each of the card companies did in featuring cards of the players.  Any players shown with other teams will count in the team % as they are considered checklisted.


24 Different player cards + "Future Stars" of Ned Yost, Ed  Romero, and John Flinn for a total of 27 players.  (82%)

Player selection was very good.  In fact the player with the most palying time not included was Mark Brouhard with 45 games played. 


22 Player cards.  (67%)

Fleer did a good job, but there is one error card that is important to note.  Card 514 is noted as Jerry Augustine but features a photo of Bill Travers.  Fleer corrected the card by changing the name, so there are 2 Bill Travers.  Again no Brouhard and no Paul Mitchell, who pitched in 17 games.


23 players, plus the manager.   (70%)

The only ommission was Brouhard. 

Good job of player selection by all 3 companies.  Donruss did a good job with getting the main players in the set.

Player selection grade:  Topps - A; Fleer - A; Donruss - A

Rankings by Team


Yankees (87%)
Brewers (82%)
Orioles (79%)


Yankees (85%)
Orioles (74%)
Brewers (67%)


Orioles (71%)
Brewers (70%)
Yankees (64%)

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