Monday, November 22, 2010

1981 Blue Jays

1981 Toronto Blue Jays

We finish up the AL East with the last place Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays were horrible in the late 70s, but they were starting to put together a good solid team that would compete in the later half of the 80s.  Good young players like Dave Stieb, Damaso Garcia, and Lloyd Moseby saw playing time in 1980 and George Bell would show up the next year.  A total of 37 different players saw action during the 1980 season.  Lets see each of the card companies did in featuring cards of the players.  Any players shown with other teams will count in the team % as they are considered checklisted.


22 Different player cards + 2 of the 3  "Future Stars"  Luis Leal and Ken Schrom for a total of 24 players.  (65%)

By far the worst job by Topps to date.  No posisiton players with less than 80 games played in Toronto with cards.  That means no Doug Ault, Danny Ainge, Joe Cannon, Willie Upshaw, etc.  Somehow we have a Phil Huffman who did not play in 1980.  Among pitchers there is no Jesse Jefferson (claimed on waivers by Pittsburgh in Sept.) Jack Kucek, and tom Buskey were major omissions.


21 Player cards +the manager  (57%)

Blah.  At least there is a Danny Ainge and the only card of Jesse Jefferson.


18 players + Manager + Dave Lemanczyk  (51%)

Worst job yet.  No Lloyd Moseby or Jim Clancy.

Player selection grade:  Topps - C; Fleer - C; Donruss - D

Rankings by Team


Yankees (87%)
Tigers (85%)
Brewers (82%)
Indians (82%)
Orioles (79%)
Red Sox (76%)
Blue Jays (65%)


Yankees (85%)
Orioles (74%)
Tigers (71%)
Brewers (67%)
Indians (67%)
Blue Jays (57%)
Red Sox (54%)


Orioles (71%)
Tigers (71%)
Brewers (70%)
Indians (67%)
Yankees (64%)
Red Sox (59%)
Blue Jays (51%)

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