Friday, January 29, 2010


My, it has been to long since I updated this blog. I originally intended it to be a place to jot down thought, unwind from the day, and all sorts of stuff. I planned on having photos, interesting stuff, and what not but being on dial up at home does not make it easy to scan and post photos. Unfortunately, I am not that interesting of a person and have let things like life in general take over. Yes, I have been busy but that is not an excuse.

When I last left a post I was having a hard time deciding what to do with my collection. I did purchase a Factory Set to keep my Topps collection current. I also decided to purchase a box of 92 Fleer Ultra Series I to take advantage of free shipping from Dave and Adams. Why did I want the box? Easy, my Ultra collection is made up of a box of each series from 91-93 (bought a set in 94 for a real cheap price), figuring the collation in Fleer would be good enough to get a full set out of the box. My thoughts were almost dead on. I have a set of 91 and 92 Ultra and was less than 12 cards short in series I of a complete set in 93. I plan on finding some "junk wax" from that era to finish out my Stadium Club and Leaf sets, but I may also sumble accross a complet set at a price I can't turn down.

I also did not know what to do this year. I really liked the way Topps looked and thought about building a set by hand. I have not done this since 91 and gave serious consideration to that project. After careful thought, and examination of my checkbood, I have decided against it. I have gotten lazy in only getting a complet set at the end of the year anddecided to spend my efforts elseware in trying to finish off my older sets. That, and with there being no shops/shows in the area I would have to mail order anyway. I always had more fun in going to shows and walking out with a plethora of cards.

This year I will set a goal of re-orgainizing my collection, completing at least one main set, and work on my pre-69 Tiger sets. Sportlots and checkout my cards will be a big help in accomplishing this.

I plan on doing a side project here in posting an overview of the current team, maybe a player by player analysis of the 2010 Team. Spring training is starting soon, and the more I know about the players the better. I have never been to spring training and would love to go someday. As wonderful as my wife is, she will probalby plan a trip behind my back about the time I turn 50. That would be wonderful.

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