Sunday, January 31, 2010

Card of Month

While waiting on 2010 Topps to hit the local retail stores, they had discounted blasters of 2009 Topps but no 2010 product, I decided to start a card of the month. The first COTM is going to be of a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the oldest one that I own. I could even make an argument that it is the most unique, but that will be saved for another day.

Growing up I usually ate Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, or some other Kellogs cereal for breakfast during the baseball season for one main reason: they contained baseball cards. Cool looking 3-D cards. But they were not the first "premium" baseball card to be included with cereal. Back in the 1930s, probably in an effort to entice more kids to eat a healthy breakfast, Wheaties started putting baseball cards on their boxes. Of course kids would cut the cards off using anything they had, and they might even have had a hard time cutting straight, but still they would cut the cards of. Heck, I even had trouble cutting in a straight line when chopping up Ho-Ho's to get that Dave Kingman and Dan Meyer in my collection.

Here is Hank Greenberg in all of his glory, circa 1936. Detroit was coming off of their first every World Championship, beating the Cubs in the '35 Series. Greenberg was one of the most popular Tigers at the time, and would have been a prize for any kid to get one their box. I can imagine some 8 year old kid in Detroit looking at the back of boxes trying to find this one card.

The real story is how I came across this card. My parents were at an estate sale in rural Michigan about 4 years ago and saw a box of old magazines for sale. They bought it and found this card, along with two others inside.

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