Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In today's Tiger news it looks like Scott Boras is trying to get his client, Johnny Damon, to come to Detroit. Detroit has a good history of dealing with Boras, as they were able to sign Pudge late when nobody else wanted him, and I belive Maggs is also a Boras client with had signability problems when he was a free agent. Management has shown a willingness to pay a little more for a seasoned vet that has a little something left if that is what it takes to get them to Detroit (Pudge, Maggs, Kenny Rodgers). The question is, what does Damon have left and how does he fit into the Tigers plans.

Damon is a left handed hitting centerfielder, who also bats leadoff. As it stands now, Austin jackson could start the season in center and bat leadoff. But I don't know what the backup plan is if Jackson is not ready. By siging Damon they don't have the need to rush Jackson if he is not ready, and they can move Damon to left if Jackson shows he is ready during spring training. As of now the leftfiled posistion will be manned by some combination of Gullen/Clete Thomas/Ryan Rayburn/Don Kelly.

Management is also trying to sign Verlander to a contract extension. All I can say is: get it done. If I have to live off of Little Ceasers for the next 12 months to fund this I will. Crazy Bread is wonderfull.

Sping training is almost here, but our local college starts play Friday. Mulerider fever: Catch it!!!

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