Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Joy of a Completed Set - I

While watching the snow fall last week I was happy to receive multiple packages in the mail. The first one was from a trade of my Factory Set inserts for some 97 and 98 Topps to help get me started on those sets. The second was from Baseball Cards Come to Life, who helped me fill some holes in my sets in exchange for some of my extra 81 Fleer and 92 Pinnacle. There was one card that really made me happy.

Yes, Ron Jones may be nothing but a common to most of you, but to me he was the missing piece in my 89 Score set. After 21 years, and by not buying a single pack, I have managed to complete this set through trades and minimal purchase. I estimate that I spent about $11 - $15 out of pocket to complete this set through individual card purchases, this is about double what the set is "worth" but the enjoyment of the hunt was well worth it.

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