Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prize Winnings

I received my prize winnings in the mail today from the Mojo Hand. I had yet to see any Goodwin cards in person, so I was curious to see what they looked like. I am impressed with how the cards looked, and the variety of current and retired players in the set. I am going to share some of the images here.

First the minis. It does not scan well, but the Upton is a foil card. The other two are black bordered and have Gypsy Queen on the back. I assume that the GQ are Short Prints, maybe.

Current stars. I like the old school logo on the McCann card. Jeter I am beginning to appreciate as I get older (he is still a Yankee).

HOFers. Can't go wrong with Knucksie and Fisk.

Misc. Cool, a card of LBJ and "Dracula". Dracula is a classic, and appropriate for the Halloween season.

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